It is important that children at the SOS Village have the exposure of what happens outside of the village environment. In order to achieve this, the SOS organisation welcomes individuals ready to volunteer their time and skills for the benefit of the children. Many diverse groups of students visit the SOS Children's Village on a regular basis. During the summer months a structured summer program is organised with the help of volunteers who participate in activities with the children such as story-telling, games, events and assisting with holiday home-work.

Volunteers can indicate a time-frame which is convenient for them, and depending on the children's routine, the village director can specify the areas where the volunteers can help out. The village director then allocates a manageable group of children for the activity. Volunteers from abroad are also welcome to participate in our program. They can be accommodated according to their area of expertise and duration of stay. For further information, contact:

Shahnaz Zaman
Director, SOS Multan
Contact No. 0334-6059970
Office Contact No. 061-6538480-81, 061-6514144

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