Hermann Gmeiner School

  • SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools are non-profit educational institution, dedicated to promoting quality education for the children of SOS villages as well as for children of remote and neglected communities. The SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools are affiliated with the SOS Children's Villages and SOS Kinderdorf International, working all over the world since 1950, with over 300 projects in more than a 100 countries.

    SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Multan


    The SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Multan not only provides quality education to the orphans and abandoned children of SOS Children's Village but also ensures high standard of education for the neglected and remote communities. Serving a proud strength of 1300 children, the school is a non-profit institution, with a small amount of fee which just covers the basic expenses. Syllabus books are provided to the children free or charge.

    The school encourages children from low-income areas to receive standard education regardless of their financial limitations. Classes offered are from playgroup till matriculation, following an Oxford English medium base of education. We have adopted a very modern education system and children receive education through computers and audio/video methodology of teaching.

    To equip the neglected children of poverty stricken backgrounds to face the competitive world of today with the weapon of education in their hand, we have left no stone unturned. We only see the world in one color. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God and SOS has undertaken a commitment to bring equality in the lives of yearning children, with no bias of color, caste, religion or creed.

    School Board Members

    Mrs. Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh, Chairperson & Member Board of Governors SOS Pakistan
    Mrs. Haniya Tasneem Sultan, Treasurer
    Mrs. Rameen Anis, Member
    Mrs. Sadia Yaqub, Member
    Mrs. Ayesha Najeeb, Member
    Mrs. Samina Majeed Bucha, Member
    Mrs. Rubina Arshad, Member
    Mrs. Saira Nasir, Member
    Mrs. Samana Ali, Member
    Mrs. Fareeha Munir, Member
    Dr. Yaqub Nasir