Youth Home Multan

  • After almost 13 years of initiation of SOS Village, children who joined us as small kids started blossoming into young adults. With them growing up, the Village started facing grave problems in terms of balancing the needs of growing children of opposite genders. As the boys slowly moved towards manhood, they brought forth with them a great deal of issues. They were most often the neglected lot. Due to space limitations we were unable to provide them with the quality of life and direction they needed, in an effort to keep them shunned away and separate for the betterment of girls and younger children.

    We quickly realized that the youth desperately needed their own space, and a different kind of attention and understanding to enable them to become good citizens of our nation. It became important that the youth boys are nurtured and dealt with as growing adults.

    In 2012, SOS Multan started the construction of SOS Youth Home adjacent to SOS Children's Village Multan. Today, the Youth Home boasts of a number of beautiful buildings standing side-by-side, consisting of an Administration block and four residences accommodating 60 boys.

    The Administration Block looms above all uniting the boys and harnessing their energies and making them productive with careful diligence. Equipping our boys to take the future head-on under the guidance of a Youth Director, we hope to make our sons exemplary men of our society to hold their heads high with pride and lead a successful and prosperous life.