Donation in kind enables us to keep our maintenance cost down and is actively solicited. It is necessary to publicize the fact that we welcome the gift of every type and infact before purchasing items such as materials for clothing, curtains, sheeting, blankets, shoes, sweaters, toys, sports goods, etc. efforts are made to get them donated. Manufactures often give donation and some donors also prefer to purchase the articles required and donate them. Used clothing and shoes in good condition are very useful as clothes are altered and utilitzed. Toys and books infact any household article such as pictures, decoration pieces, curtains, bed covers, old carpets which are in good condition can be collected and distributed to homes. These extra items make them more homely and cheerful. Meat is donated by the public in large quantities and its donation is encouraged as it is not possible to buy it everyday for them.

For Donation in Kind Correspondence:
Shahnaz Zaman
Director, SOS Multan
Contact No. 0334-6059970
Office Contact No. 061-6538480-81, 061-6514144