Friends of SOS Committee is an exemplary practice which brings a regular income to our projects, as well as works to create awareness in the social elite of the city. So far this phenomenal effort, of more than 140 members from the vicinity of Multan, has been contributing more than Rs. 100,000 per month. To add to the beauty of giving, all the members gave a unanimous approval to donate Rs. 500 a month in favor of milk expenses. Each member donates Rs. 1,500 monthly and has a committee party every month with a fun activity for the members. Each member contributes Rs. 500 from the amount collected. We use this platform to recognize the efforts of our children and share their stories with our well wishers. This fabulous effort has allowed us this year to cover all the expenses of University admission tests, through their kind contributions.

Each party has a theme and keeps the ladies of the city involved and enthralled!