• A Loving Home for Every Child

    SOS Children's Village Multan

    A Loving Home for Every Child
  • Change Their World.

    Change Their World. Change Yours.

    This changes everything!
  • Children Need Friends Like You!

    Children Need Friends Like You!

    "Friends of SOS"
  • Family Based Care

    SOS Village, Family Based Care

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  • We Dream!

    Despite our Pain,
    We Dream!

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  • Growing Up Together!

    Growing Up Together!

    Creating Chances, Opening Perspectives


SOS Children's Village Multan

The Multan SOS Village is one of the establishments of SOS Pakistan, started in 1999, in a temporary donated property with only hope that we would be able to give life to the destitute children of this region and by the grace of God, we flourished. The village is by far the most beautiful landmark of humanity in Multan.

Currently we have a total of 175 children in our village and our monthly budget exceeds Rs. 12,00,000 per month. We finance the running of our projects through donation and sponsorship schemes with individuals or corporate groups undertaking to meet the expense of a particular child or group of children.

We are fortunate that our financial commitments are usually met with the philanthropy of our citizens and generosities of our government. We thrive on the smiles and the glint of hope which comes from the "life of SOS", our children. The children of this nation, our future!




Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

Our Success Stories

Salma Aslam, our precious child, has now grown up as an intelligent and beautiful person. She is the pride of SOS Multan. Salma has been selected for a three weeks summer program at “Vienna International Christian-Islamic Summer University – VICISU”. VICISU aims at bringing together students and professors from Universities all over the world to discuss the most important questions concerning today’s world, from a Christian and from a Muslim perspective.

We are proud that she will participate in this great initiative undertaken by academics from different fields of specialization. We wish her all the success in this endeavor and in all the future initiatives she may undertake.